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Project Description
Blog package for umbraco 4.

The blog 4 umbraco package was done as a Christmas calendar in December 2009 by Tim Geyssens, Niels Hartvig and Per Ploug Hansen.

It extend and reuses the blog package done by Tim Geyssens, which reuses alot of the work done even earlier by Niels Hartvig with the first blog package released in 2006. And includes a ton of xslt, produced by Morten Bock.

Throughout the process we received a ton of feedback and good ideas from the friendliest cms community in the world. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Included features overview
  • Automatic date-based urls for blog-posts
  • Gravatar support on comments
  • Akismet spam filtering
  • Comment moderation
  • Ping services on publish
  • Use skins to change appearance
  • Desktop publishing support through MetaWeblog
  • Tag Cloud

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